GreenSpiru is a Biotechnological R&D company that is focusing on carbon sequestration processes from different industries based on an exclusive photobioreactor-based device that uses modified micro-algae to reduce carbon contamination and then turn it into valuable biomass.

Carbon Capture Process

Our exclusive photobioreactor system is able to capture CO2, greenhouse gases, and heavy metals then turn them into oxygen and valuable biomass.

Biosynthetic Compounds

Harvested biomass from our photobioreactors then used in our exclusive protocols in order to gain valuable products in different fields such as nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, biofuels, and …

Systemic Approach

We are able to design the following algae-based products based on market needs and trends such as:

Cosmetics Products

Phycocyanine Supplements

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Astaxanthine Supplements

Food Additives

Natural colours


Powerful Antioxidants