Who We Are

Green Spiru is a Biotechnological R&D company which is focusing on carbon sequestration process from different industries based on an exclusive photo bioreactor based device which uses modified micro-algae to reduce carbon contamination and then turn it into valuable biomass.




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Our Device

The core of our product is based on an innovative Photobioreactor that we are developing inside our laborator this photobioreactor is scalable and a set of this system can get modified and adjust to become a final device that has lots of applications. We can cultivate different species of algae with high quality and quantity inside it and harvest a great amount of biomass compared to other photobioreactor systems. We can use different biochemical processes inside these devices to harvest high-quality products that can derive from algae-like Phycocyanin and Astaxanthin.

Our Services

Step 1

Professional consultation about your requirements.



Field analyze and possibility assessments.


Device installation


Step 4

Periodic maintenance, monitoring and device service.

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