About Us

GREENSPIRU is a carbon credit project developer that is focused on creating sustainable solutions to combat the effects of climate change. The Company is working on an exclusive micro-algae-based system that is capable of capturing CO2 directly from air and wastewater. This innovative technology has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change. 

GREENSPIRU is a project development company that can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We provide guidance and support every step of the way, ensuring that you reach your objectives efficiently and affordably. Join us today to make a difference together! We are committed to making your journey to sustainability as a smooth and effective as possible. 

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Our Team

Navid Rahmanian

Chief Scientist

Navid is a seasoned biologist and chief scientist. He received his Marine Biology degree from a top university in Iran and he is studying Microbial Biotechnology in a master’s degree program. He got a high rank in a competitive Biology competition in 2007 and participated in several biological seminars and workshops.

Iman Labani

Chief Executive Officer

Iman is responsible for the effective operation of the Green Spiru and Sales and new partnerships locally and internationally. He was involved in his family business as a sales and marketing expert before founding Green Spiru.

Amir Reza Labani

VP of Engineering

Amir graduated in Civil Engineering with a focus on environmental technology and he is the main driver in integrating the new technologies and processes to enable Bioreactors to host microalgae for extreme densities to be able to achieve the maximum efficiency.

Zahra Shojaei

Chief Business Officer

Zahra was graduated from Shahid Beheshti University with the degree in Statistics and also a master degree in industrial engineering. She focused on system management and productivity enhancement during her master thesis. She is a valuable asset for the Green Spiru team and an expert data scientist. She works on optimization of the algae based products. Green Spiru heavily rely on data science techniques to improve the productivity of the platform.