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Bing SEO: 7 Practical Ways To Get More Traffic From Bing (And Yahoo!)

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The biggest store in town isn't your only choice when it comes to selling products to your customers.

Smart manufacturers know that other smaller stores have something great too:

All loyal customers who prefer it to the chain stores Phone Number List, as well as those who shop at both stores.

The situation in web research is no different.

Your product is your website, the search engine is the store, and Google isn't the only fancy kid in town.

Of course, its share of the search market Phone Number List may be over 70%, but it is not the only one.

Figures from NetMarketShare show that Google is immediately followed by Baidu and Bing.

So, are you that SEO smart maker?

Are you putting all your eggs in the Google basket or are you diversifying?

If you haven't gone beyond Phone Number List Google yet and don't know how and where to start, this Bing SEO guide is for you.

SEO for Bing (and Yahoo!) is simple and straightforward. It's almost an SEO game in the past when Google was a simpler search engine and ranking wasn't a puzzle yet.

If you avoid spamming and stuffing your site Phone Number List with tons of generic keywords, you'll do very well on Bing.

Search traffic is lower on Bing than on Google, so don't expect thousands or millions of new visitors (and conversions) per day, but make sure that a handful of visitors to Microsoft's search engine (and Yahoo!) your website.

Have fun diversifying your SEO!