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Astaxanthin : A legendary antioxidant

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Astaxanthin is a member of carotenoids and it is getting more famous among them because of its antioxidant superpower.
It is known as the strongest and most efficient source of antioxidants that have been discovered on earth.
For example, this valuable molecule is 6000 times stronger than vitamin C and we can consider it as the biggest enemy of natural and artificial oxidants and also cancerous cells.
Astaxanthin can be found in some marine fishes and some species of yeast and algae but in past few years scientists have realized that Haematococcous Pluvialis is the best and most potent source of astaxanthin and with an optimized algae cultivation system, Astaxanthin can get extracted in an industrial scale to increase all humankind's general health and immunity against all sources of illnesses.