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To Win E-commerce Marketing, You Must Master the Three Traffic Thinking!

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In the face of endless gameplay and traffic competition from various e-commerce platforms, how should brands break through the predicament and gain more traffic? Perhaps, brands need to think about e-commerce marketing from the aspects of content layer and service layer. In this article, the author analyzes and summarizes how brands do e-commerce marketing. Let's take a look. When it comes to e-commerce marketing, brands may have the most headaches. Different from brand marketing, brand communication can fax number database be measured by data, and how much money is invested in e-commerce marketing is ultimately judged by sales performance, which has become the difficulty of communication. In the whole year of communication planning, in fact, there are only a few big e-commerce communication campaigns, such as new product launches, anniversary celebrations, 618, Double Eleven and so on.


But the key times are often this kind of national-level sales carnival. As we all know, this kind of national-level battle is basically a "cat and dog war". The two giants fax number database headed by Tmall and compete in the arena. Various marketing routines are piled up together, and various forms of horizontal content are filled with major channels. Various gameplays and benefits emerge one after another, just to consolidate the brand’s position in this S-level marketing campaign in the middle of the year, and secondly, to stimulate demand, promote consumption, and bring about overall growth. Since last year, platforms such as Pinduoduo, Suning, Douyin, and Kuaishou have also begun to participate in the war. Pinduoduo relies on its "low price" strategy to efficiently transform. Suning and Douyin have joined forces to create Suning's "super buyer" live broadcast room and implement normalization. operation. Douyin itself has also launched IPs such as “Douyin Live Spike Carnival”, focusing on the live broadcast battlefield,


while Kuaishou and create a high-quality shopping festival, and join forces with each other to warm up. At this point, the main platforms of the national-level battlefield have all been assembled. So the question is, how can brands achieve breakthroughs and grow significantly with the help of external forces and current trends under the current situation of fierce platform competition? 1. Understand the gameplay and strive for traffic The policy of keeping up with the platform is the central guiding ideology of the brand. There is no fax number database doubt that the platform has traffic and exposure, so for many brands, it is more efficient to use the platform to achieve the unity of product and effect than to fight alone, especially in today's monopoly by Internet giants, can borrow the platform. Potential, often get twice the result with half the effort. So looking at the current gameplay of major platforms, what are the changes and constants, and what are the small trends that can help brands achieve a double harvest of word-of-mouth + sales? First of all, let’s look at Tmall. 

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