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Over 50 YouTube search operators

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A comprehensive list of over 50 advanced YouTube search operators to help you find what you're looking for. Search operators are special commands that you can use to narrow down and refine your searches on YouTube. With these operators, you will be able to find exactly the video you are looking for and become a more efficient YouTube searcher. This list includes all the YouTube search operators that I could find. I have personally tested each operator in several ways, taken screenshots, and added additional tips.

YouTube is the second largest search engine Cameroon Phone Number List in the world, so knowing how to use it effectively is good. Here's how to do it: and enjoy highly relevant You can also use search operators with other popular search engines. Check out my listings of search operators for Bing and Google to become a smart Google and Bing searcher as well.

You can use advanced YouTube search settings to edit and refine your searches right in the YouTube search bar. You can use built -in search filters to filter results by upload date, type, duration, features or sort by relevance, upload date, number of views, and rating. Part I talks about YouTube search operators and Part II shows you how to use YouTube search filters both manually and as search controls.