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Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs - Updates for 2021

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Digital marketing isn't all you learn from textbooks. When you start working in a digital marketing agency, you realize that a digital marketing strategy is a combination of plans and a short-term vision for multiple digital channels whatsapp电话号码列表. Since the digital arena is constantly changing and trends can change overnight, reviewing your strategy frequently gives you a chance to outperform your competitors.

An effective way to examine any strategy is to measure the actual results against the standards established at the outset. Likewise, when you review your digital marketing strategy against the standards (or expectations), you make constant changes to close the gap even further. And somewhere, in the midst of these constant changes, you come across the perfect strategy for a given period whatsapp电话号码列表.

The process of measuring your actual against the norm is relatively simple. This forces you to consider the right set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and evaluate them from time to time.

Now, generally, most digital marketing strategies have similar whatsapp电话号码列表 KPIs as they include similar targeted digital channels. Now that we can access the world through digital media, it is only fair to include them all in one group. But the real difference is in prioritizing digital channels based on your business.