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Algae the final solution?

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Algae the final solution?
During infinite life cycles on earth and the tremendous number of biological organisms which are evolving, living, and fighting for survival, who is the most successful organism that you can be sure he knows how to be fit for life and become as harmonious with nature as possible?. Of course, ancient species have the most experience and grade of harmonicity with nature and therefore, their genome is a gold mine.
As you know microalgae are one of the ancient creatures on earth which have been living for approximately a billion years on earth.
Because of that, we can mention them as highly successful creatures who survived every major disaster and challenge in the last billion years.
The fact here is that we need these tiny algae to show us proper ways to deal with biological challenges.
By studying them and knowing them better we can have a greater point of view of how we can manage to survive and become harmonize with nature. And by using their valuable genes, we can have an infinite and rich source of food products, micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to be a final solution to save humanity from poverty and food quality challenges.